A unique eyelash extension is applied to every resting eyelash

A unique eyelash extension is applied to every resting eyelash

Eyelash extensions are often reported as a way to wear less makeup and feel more confident. It may seem contrary to popular belief, but many eyelash extension clients are not ultra-glam women. Being able to roll out of bed eyelash wholesale distributor and look like you are wearing full mascara and liner is a great feeling of self-confidence. Almost all of our clients are very active athletes, instructors, businesswomen or moms who don’t use makeup much.

When clients get Eyelash Extensions, they feel glamorous enough not to wear makeup during exercise classes or playdates, or the eyelash wholesale distributor add light foundation and brows before heading out for the day. Many long-time eyelash extension clients start as special event clients. Not having to wear full face makeup translates to much less time getting ready each morning.

Getting lashes a few days before an event or vacation is a good beauty service. They may have visited Wisp Lash Lounge for a wedding, reunion, or special vacation. You’ll feel more confident, and other vacationers or partygoers will notice you. Having eyelash extensions while on vacation will also let you feel confident poolside without makeup while reducing your time in your room getting ready for meals and outings.

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When mascara fails, there is nothing worse. The last layer of mascara can turn your lovely lashes into a dry, clumpy mess, whether it’s summer humidity that causes racoon eyes. Spending hours doing your makeup makes it frustrating to mess it up and reapply everything. It’s the same with applying false eyelashes. The struggle of applying false lashes is hard unless you’ve done it for a long time, and you need to get the edges to stay down while not messing up your makeup at the same time.

When you invest in eyelash extensions, you can finally say goodbye to the drama with strip lashes and mascara. Clients often seek eyelash extensions because their natural lashes are very short or weak. To lengthen your natural lashes and increase their density, lash serums can help promote natural lash growth. However, these results generally take between 3 and 5 months to achieve.

Clients seeking immediate results can get immediate satisfaction from eyelash extensions. Clients who have eyelash extensions can use a lash serum while they have eyelash extensions, which is one of the great things about them. Consequently, their natural lashes will continue to grow in length and density, while lash extensions give them instant satisfaction that their lashes are longer. Talk about a win-win situation.