Anal fistula repair: Check about it

Anal fistula repair: Check about it

Anal fistulas necessitate surgery since they do not heal on their own if left untreated. There are several surgical procedures available, depending on the location of the fistula in respect to the anal sphincter. To diagnose and select the appropriate therapy, the surgeon may need to undertake an initial evaluation of the region under local or general anesthetic. The best choice is then selected. Surgery is often performed under general anesthesia. TheĀ fistulotomy surgery purpose is to cure the fistula without injuring the sphincter muscles, avoiding bowel incontinence. The following are the primary options:

  • Fistulotomy is a surgical procedure in which the physician slices through the whole length of the fistula to turn the tunnel into an open groove. This permits the fistula tract to recover. This treatment is only appropriate for fistulas with no or little sphincter involvement.
  • Seton procedures are used when the fistula traverses a considerable portion of the anal sphincter muscle. To keep the fistula open, the surgeon inserts a seton, which is a piece of surgical thread, within it and keeps it there for several weeks.
  • This permits it to drain the substance from within and gradually heal. It does not operate on the sphincter muscles. A tighter Seton can be used to gently cut through the fistula. This, however, necessitates a number of processes and operations.
  • Fistulotomy is a dangerous operation because it may induce incontinence if the fistula goes through the sphincter muscles in the anus. Advancement flap technique- this procedure is only performed when the fistula passes through the sphincter muscles in the anus. The rectum or the skin around the anus is flapped. Once the fistula is removed, this flap is connected to the hole.


  • The LIFT method is an abbreviation for Ligation of the Intersphincteric Fistula Tract. It is suggested for fistulas that pass through the anus sphincter muscles.
  • Fistulotomy is a surgical treatment that is performed to treat anal fistulas. The procedure is utilized for mild instances, although other surgical approaches may be required in more difficult cases. The fistulotomy surgery has a high cure rate, and with proper care and recuperation, you may return to your usual life in a matter of weeks.