Chrome Extension? Here’s the Solution That Works

Chrome Extension? Here’s the Solution That Works

Google Launches Chrome Web Store

Chrome is the latest browser available to people. Google Chrome extensions will be the next big thing in terms of add-ons and apps. Chrome was fast, had many features that internet users wanted and was available in a very affordable version when it was released. Two major companies have already taken over the browser market: Microsoft with its Internet Explorer software, and Mozilla with Firefox.How would Google position itself in this market that was already saturated? The goal was to optimize their code. This meant that what is often called slow (the web browser) would be lightning fast. They realized that online users are only interested in quick retrieval of information, so speed Go now  and flexibility were important factors when surfing online.

 Extensions for Google Chrome

Although Chrome’s launch was celebrated with great fanfare, they had difficulty breaking through the 5% mark in terms of overall usage after only a few months. What was it that people weren’t trying Chrome and sticking with it? It was customization.Internet Explorer had a major advantage over its competitors in the browser market due to the shady practices that Microsoft used over the past twenty years when it came to supplying their browser with new Windows installs. This practice was challenged in courtrooms around the globe. MS has had to pay large amounts of money to Go now to compensate certain companies and may have even caused the bankruptcy of others.

Windows and Internet Explorer became the standard software of choice for everyone who didn’t know better. It was a monopoly that looked set to continue unchecked for all eternity. Firefox was then born.Firefox was created as an open-source project in order to make Firefox faster and better than the one Microsoft had. IE was not perfect and became slow and more vulnerable to viruses writers and other makers that targeted the dominant brand. Firefox was supported by many Go now and organizations, including tech-savvy netizens who wanted more. Google invested in Firefox’s non-profit development organization, along with the once-defeated Netscape organization.

A Chrome PageRank Extension is Freely Available

Firefox has enjoyed a great deal of success. Even regular internet users now realize that they can use Internet Explorer at work and home. These add ons were widely distributed and became a standard feature for the surfing community.People remembered how fast Firefox was at the time Chrome was released. They decided to allow extensions to their browser so that independent developers could improve the software’s functionality and users could use features they are used to using in their browser.