Four Hacks To Save Yourself From An Embarrassing Print

Four Hacks To Save Yourself From An Embarrassing Print

Almost every business uses labels, banners and flyers to promote their business. Imagine a poorly made, low-quality, shabby print landing in the hands of your potential clients. It would create a poor first impression and negatively affect your future sales. To save you from embarrassment, here are a few tips.

Select the correct paper

An invitation printed on a crisp sheet with black ink looks way more attractive than a flimsy copy with a runny font. Choose high-quality paper to amaze potential customers. While printing images, conduct a trial test to avoid any errors. There are many commercial printing services in Corona, CA, to help you choose the correct paper per your printing requirements.

Pixel count

For images, it is crucial to count the pixels. Sometimes people forget this factor that affects the final result. Make sure the print size you want matches the number of pixels. If this is not the case, you might leave with a blurry print. The greater the pixels more clarity and quality you will see in your shot.

Choosing the wrong print company

Cheaper does not mean better. Don’t compromise on print quality to save a few cents. A good print will require you to invest more than you think, but you will recover the cost eventually. Whereas a cheap quality print will waste both your time and money.

Image format

Before printing a shot, it is crucial to pay attention to the formatting of the image. Printers that offer high-quality prints only accept images in JPEG or TIFF. If you use any other format besides these two, you might not be happy with the final results.

When printing images, TIFF is the best format. It stands for “Tagged Image File Format” and is the standard method used by companies that print life-size pictures and books. TIFF carries much more information than JPEG and can work in your favour. TIFF images are less compressed than other formats and will help you preserve the quality of your shot.

A few people forget how majorly these factors affect a print. Remember these points next time you go to a printing store.