Open-reflex sight is raised to a new level with the HoloSun 509T

Open-reflex sight is raised to a new level with the HoloSun 509T

The Holosun 509T is a closed emitter design, which means the LED that initiatives the crimson dot itself is contained withinside the optic. This allows guard is from climate and different debris, on the value of extra bulk. Though within the Holosun 509T case, this bulk is decreased from closed emitter options.

The housing is crafted from titanium, combining lightweight and excessive strength. It was coming in at 1. Seventy-two ounces, it sits healthily among the Trijicon RMR and Aimpoint ACRO in phrases of weight. This makes the balk impulse experience akin to different open emitter optics, unlike the “ka-chunk” feeling I get with the ACRO.

Holosun opted for a proprietary footprint with the Holosun 509T, using a crossbolt fashion attachment method. This gives a robust and low-profile manner to connect the optic to the pistol. Holosun consists of a MOS plate to be used with Glock pistols, even though I did now no longer use the covered plate in the course of this review. Instead, I used an o.e.m plate from C&H Precision because of their higher popularity for optic protection to plate and plate to the gun. We’ll find how nicely this mixture is labored below and, in a follow-up,an article focusing on the dish itself.

Holosun 509T

How the Holosun 509T works and its battery life?

The Holosun 509T is powered through an available CR1632 battery. This battery is saved in a small battery tray placed at the proper facet of the optic, secured with a small flathead screw.

Like many different Holosun offerings, the 509T capabilities shake unsleeping technology. This shuts off the optic after durations without motion, an excellent way to preserve battery life. Examples include sitting in a secure garage or lying at the bedside desk at night. Once jostled, the optic robotically returns to its preceding brightness setting. This takes place almost immediately and isn’t something that even the extra professional shooters I understand ought to outrun.

Design and Durability

Thanks to its closed emitter design, the primary assessment ordinarily interested in the Holosun 509T is to the Aimpoint ACRO. Regarding shape, the 509T is barely more comprehensive than the ACRO; however shorter the front to back. There is a mild step on the rear of the optic, transferring the bulk of the peak of the optic simply barely forward.