Things To Know About How To Search For Products Using A Jungle Scout

Things To Know About How To Search For Products Using A Jungle Scout

Sellers don’t need to traverse Seller Central or Sales Analytics to see their company’s real-time.Numerous materials on how to use each of you Go Now on Jungle Scout’s products, keep up with Amazon news, sign up for webinars, and can be found on the Home Dashboard.

How to search for products using the Jungle Scout Product Database tool

  • A searchable database of 475 million products that have been taken directly from Amazon is called Product Database. It makes it possible for sellers to find goods that satisfy their search criteria. Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA can be done using the product database as a starting point.
  • When logged into Jungle Scout Go Now on a desktop, the menu will be on the left side of the screen. You can access all of Jungle Scout’s features from here.
  • With the help of these filters, you can focus your product search on the categories of goods that will most likely appeal to customers and make you money.

Obtain an overview of your company’s performance.

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We offer sellers cutting-edge, current features, tools, and reliable data so you can make wise choices for your Amazon business.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re beginning your Amazon selling experience and unsure where to start.

Using category filters in the Product Database.

Product Tier:

What kind of competition do you wish to encounter with your new product, depending on your seller type? You can find items that Amazon sells by searching “Amazon.” Selecting “FBA” or “FBM” will display from independent vendors. We advise avoiding the goods sold by Amazon and looking for chances elsewhere.

Set the minimum and maximum sales rank of the products you want to show using the Min & Max Rank option. Amazon sales increase the Amazon Best Seller rank with a lower number. Add a maximum sales rank to your product filter to eliminate items that sell slowly.

Minimum and Maximum Monthly Sales.

This filter refers to the monthly sales of a specific product. To view products that sell at least 55 times each month, enter “55” as the minimum. If you don’t use this filter, you’ll see things sell anywhere from zero to thousands of times.

Set the minimum and the maximum number of reviews for a product. For instance, if you only want to see goods with up to 100 reviews, enter “100” for Max Review. You can identify less competitive products using this.