Things to know before applying for permanent residence in the Czech Republic

Applying permanent residence permit for the Czech Republic can be a difficult process. You could apply for permanent residence if you are a citizen of the EU or a third country.  Once you get permanent residence, then you would enjoy all the benefits in Czech. It is necessary that you should understand that Czech permanent residence differs from long-term visas. Here are a few things that you should know before applying for a permanent residence permit.

If you get approved for permanent resident status, then you would get access to employment and even you can start a business in the Czech. Also, you will be able to qualify for health insurance. Later, you can apply for Czech citizenship if you stay as a permanent resident for more than five years.

Understand the requirements for a permanent residence permit:

The first requirement is that you should stay within the territory of the Czech Republic for at least five years to qualify as a permanent resident. This should be mainly considered by the third countries if they want to get a permit in the Czech Republic. But if you are an EU citizen, then you could get qualified for the permit if you stay for at least one year. Here are the required documents that you should consider when applying for permanent resident.

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EU citizen:

If you are an EU citizen, then below are a few details that you should have to apply for a permanent resident.

  • Application form for a permanent residence permit.
  • You should have proof of accommodation.
  • Two or five-year uninterrupted stay in the Czech Republic region.
  • Passport photographs and travel documents.

Third-country citizen:

If you are from third-party countries, then you should consider the below details.

  • Application form for a permanent residence permit.
  • You should have a certificate of passing in the Czech language.
  • Your fund documents to verify whether it covers the expenses.
  • Proof of accommodation.

Thus, you should consider the above documents if you are looking to get a permanent resident permit. However, collecting all the documents and filling out the application form can be difficult for you. It is a good idea to consider using the czech company that helps you to get approval for the application process. They have the knowledge of the process and so you could easily complete the process without any issues. Make use of immigration services that helps to complete the process smoothly.