Ways to spruce up your home office with stylish decor

Ways to spruce up your home office with stylish decor

Whether you’ve been working from home for years or are just starting out, one thing is certain: Nothing beats posting up at a sad, boring desk on a dreary Monday morning. We say embrace your work-from-home lifestyle and decorate your desk in a way that inspires and excites you—even when you’re stuck in the longest Meet up ever. Not sure where to start? Designers have rounded up some cheery, innovative ways to adorn your at-home   오피스타 workspace, ranging from super duper to maximalist and everywhere in between.

Add a Vibrant

You don’t have to give up valuable desktop real estate to spruce up your workspace. A sleek, simple desk and minimalist accessories combined with a bold, but miniature wall mural or piece of art can make a serious statement and add some color to your day. Do you need to bring some serenity to your workday? Decorate your desk in blues, greens, soft pinks and purples, or grays for a super Zen vibe.

Display Your Holiday Joy

Nothing beats embracing holiday cheer to brighten up a dull meeting, no matter the holiday. Decorate your workspace for Halloween with miniature pumpkins, gourds, and a fall-scented candle; for Christmas, with a miniature tree and twinkly lights; and for Valentine’s Day, with a DIY heart-shaped paper chain. Even if you aren’t taking a day off for your favorite holiday, the least you can do is decorate your desk in honor of it.

Select a Calming Color Scheme

If your work schedule is hectic, your workspace should not be. Choose a color palette that is simple and soothing, with lots of neutrals and natural textures. Consider a natural-colored wood desk in the 오피스타 with accessories in white, cream, grey, beige, or brown. Add a plant or two for a completely natural pop of color and extra fresh air.


Minimalism is best.

To be inspiring throughout the workday, your desktop doesn’t have to be covered in trinkets. A simple, natural-colored desk with black and white accessories in various textures adds visual interest without crowding a small space. If you want to add artwork but don’t have enough space on your desk, consider wallpapering the wall you’re facing.

Bring Nature Inside

We know what you’re thinking: being stuck inside and working on a perfect varying extents day is the worst. Here’s a solution for all you would-be work slackers: Use wood fabrics, seedlings, lepidolite, and portraits of your favorite natural places and spaces to bring nature indoors and into your workday.