Which type of curl will you achieve with a curling iron versus a flat iron?

Which type of curl will you achieve with a curling iron versus a flat iron?

Curling your hair can be difficult, especially if you don’t know which tool to use to achieve the tight, loose, or wavy curls you desire. Do you use a flat iron or a curling iron to achieve the perfect romantic hairstyle you adore? Which curl will each tool create? We’ll outline the variations, tips, tricks, advantages, and disadvantages so you can decide which to use.

Using a curling iron to create curls

You can trust that this tool is capable of producing curls because curling irons are made to do just that! For beginners, curling iron are excellent because the clamp keeps hair easily in place while curling.You can look more natural by using curling irons to produce even curls that travel in different directions.

Investing in a professional tool is one of the best things you can do because it will enable you to adjust the heat setting, which can reduce damage. Keep the heat settings below 200 degrees if you have delicate hair that is prone to breaking.

When using a curling iron, be careful and always use a heat-protecting spray. Curling iron have the drawback that each barrel will only come in one size, necessitating the use of multiple curlers to achieve various curl sizes. Purchase a tapered-barrel curling wand to achieve various curls with just one tool, or a wand with interchangeable barrels in various sizes.

Curling iron

How to get curls with a flat iron

Although flat irons are typically used to straighten hair, they can also be used to make some seriously gorgeous curls! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hair tools, they’re a fantastic all-in-one tool. However, keep in mind that not all flat irons are ideal for creating curls, so you may want to conduct further research before spending your money on one that won’t cut it or ask one of our hair stylists to recommend their favourite one. Like learning to ride a bike, using a flat iron to curl your hair can be challenging at first but rewarding once you get the hang of it.

Quick flat iron advice:

  • Clamping your hair slightly above mid-length and rotating your wrist away from your face will cause it to flow over the iron rather than under it.
  • As you pull the flat iron towards your ends, make sure that your hair is still wrapped around the barrel of the iron.
  • To consistently get a perfect curl, make sure to pull your hair through quickly and keep it in the clamp.
  • Your curls will be smaller and tighter the smaller the section you use and the tighter you pull your hair through the iron.
  • Braid your hair, then use your flat iron to straighten the braid for picture-perfect beach waves.