Top Ways To Use Instagram For Influencer Outreach

Top Ways To Use Instagram For Influencer Outreach

Instagrammers are influencers. That’s not just a buzzword – it’s a fact. However, this medium is often underestimated by brands who are only now figuring out their strategy to reach the number of followers an Instagrammer command. Here are top ways to use Instagram for influencer outreach:

Use Instagram as a research tool

Instagrammers are People, too. By using Instagram, you can get an insight into the person behind the photos. Take a look at their profile and try to find out what kind of content they typically put up.

If you’ve found an Instagrammer who seems to be a perfect fit for your brand, take a look at their blog. You will get to know them better this way and understand what matters most to them. Buying Instagram likes from Go Read can help you get more exposure on the platform and attract new followers.

Don’t forget about hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are used in the same way they are used on Twitter – to categorize content. Try to get a sense of how the Instagrammer is using hashtags. Do they tag their posts with relevant hashtags and are they consistently updating them? Do they use relevant hashtags or do they overdo it by tagging everything and their dog? Hashtags are your best friends when looking for potential influencers.

This is because these people actively search through the hashtag feed for interesting content to share with their followers.

Take your time

The more followers an Instagrammer has, the more outreach emails they get every day. They have to filter out the irrelevant messages from brands, so take your time and be thorough with your contacting strategy.

Don’t forget about Instagram Direct Messaging

Many of us use Instagram for fun – not just to promote our content or to build our brand. While we’re busy following our friends’ daily lives and watching cute cat videos, brands are trying to sell us stuff in the DMs.

Instagrammers are people, too – and they might not be responsive to your outreach email if you’re a brand they don’t know. However, there is a way to reach them: Instagram Direct Messages.

The best thing about this method is that it’s direct, personal and most of all, doesn’t take up much of the Instagrammer’s time. DMs allow you to send your message directly to the person you want to reach – pretty handy when it comes to influencer outreach.

Don’t forget about Instagram Stories

This is something that most brands and influencers use to show off their current outfits, outfit changes or new products.

These stories are great for engagement, as Instagrammers like to see themselves in the picture. They also invite the followers to interact with you, if you go for a comment and then a reply. When it comes to influencer outreach, this is not just fun – but also useful.